We received a notification from Google telling us that fees will be 15% instead of 30% when installing the app from Google Playstore.
We have to show that with our developers accounts we don't exceed 1M$...

Yes, through an API. It's an open-source translation engine using pretrained models. So there is zero tracking.
More at github.com/LibreTranslate/Libr

I don't think we are talking about the same thing. Crowdin hosts all our open-source projects for free with all options turned on.
Here, it's about the live translation feature inside Fedilab. We no longer use Yandex but an open source translation feature with pretrained models that we host through translate.fedilab.app.

For weeks, it was not possible to maintain the project. We are going to fix that.
Keep in mind that even if we don't release new versions, our services have costs through our server charges.
This server is used for the respectful translation feature inside translate.fedilab.app and also for scheduling your messages plan.fedilab.app or the push notifications server.

So don't hesitate to help us through our liberapay account. Thank you.


We haven't blocked anyone :)

KitKat was dropped about 5 months ago

It's available. Let's know if you have remaining issues.

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1.19.0 has been published. This release should fix issues on Android 11 with the lite version.
It should be available soon on

#Google reduced Play store commission from 30% to 15% for small #android devs (<1M per year, which is most of us). This is a good! Encourages paid economy over tracking and advertising.
Most #foss projects like @apps and many others prefer the paid model over ads so this is good! 😃



We've just created this mastodon account to communicate about the #unifiedpush project.

UnifiedPush is specifications and tools that let mobile users choose how push notifications are delivered. All in a free and open source way.

It's fixed, but Fdroid releases get stuck. But that's not a problem, you only have to change the default instance.

Really interesting to know that connecting your Fediverse accounts is something important for you.
We will bring improvements to the search feature, especially for targeting live videos.

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@markuswet @B0r1sBack
You only have to write the host name with no extra details such the protocol or the path.

To users, what is the most important feature for you?

Most TV-boxes natively support DLNA, also connected TV support it.

Did you know that you can ask to clear cache when leaving ?
Otherwise, you can do it manually with the app.

You can set the app to empty cache when leaving.

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