Tomorrow we should be able to publish a new beta release of that will fix all last reports at

Also, we will work to allow you to customize bottom nav (hide and move items).

We fixed the connection issue.

I suspect the background service to publish messages.

It works with Friendica instance working with the Mastodon api. Please ask your admin to update the version.

Yes, it's no longer system notifications. So it should be silenced.

Yes, if you have no bugs with current one, no needs to update :)

We published a fix for crashes that have been reported today for (beta).

We also fixed the connection with .

Server limits are not retrieved for Friendica so we have to fix that.

New version:

OK. The notification with a progress bar is necessary for making the background service work.
This service is necessary especially when posting threads with different media.

I think you can fix it by using the draft. It's an issue due to a kind of offset. I will fix that.

Hum.. That confirms what I thought. I will fix that for the next release.

We also use our own neural machine translation at
It's open source and respectful with your privacy :)
@pseudonym @feditips

We offered for helping. That the messaging server that will handle push notifications to push it inside the app.
That's what Google FCM does but it's free and open source.
@pixelcode @crossgolf_rebel

In coming days, we are going to work on for .
If you are a Friendica user, we will need your help. If you have already an account on that will help for sharing issues.

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