Default parameters (empty values) are those of orbot.

Yes, you're right. We might use this room for general discussions and create different ones for each project (without encryption).

We have created a public Matrix room for discussion about our apps Fedilab, UntrackMe and Tubelab 🥳

We're looking forward to heartedly welcome you in this room and keep in touch, so come join us at:


This format is actually new to us and we don't know how it turns out to everyone, so please be kind and patient with us, especially at the beginning ☺️

now supports Scribe and Wikiless which are alternative front-ends to Medium and Wikipedia.

Scribe: scribe.rip/
Wikiless: wikiless.org/

They will be also available with

We will work on this timeline bug. For download directory, we have to fix the issue when changing it.

@M0YNG Thank for reporting this. Unfortunately we can't fix this on our side

With one of the next updates of FireFox Focus, you'll get an option to turn off the external app prompt

For reference:
- framagit.org/tom79/nitterizeme
- github.com/mozilla-mobile/focu

Thanks for sharing. These holes in the timeline will be a priority. Improving the unifiedpush service will help to solve that.
Also, for Mastodon users, we will use the API for knowing the last read message.

We checked. It can be added to fedilab and untrackme.

Do you think it should be also added to untrackme?
I will investigate that enhancement. Thanks for sharing.

Hi, everyone. It has been a long time :)
Lot of new issues were reported during the time I was away. I have started to fix them

If you have found any issues in Fedilab, UntrackMe or TubeLab, please share them with me. If you have suggestions or feature requests, share those too :)
Thank you!

- Thomas

Si vous avez besoin d'une application simple et #libre de traduction sur Android...

#LibreTranslater (LibreTranslater a translator based on #LibreTranslate) - f-droid.org/packages/de.beowul

Dans les paramètres en haut, remplacer l'URL par celle-ci :

Pas besoin de clé API grâce et Merci à @apps

@lutindiscret Hi. Thanks for thinking to our project. Yes, we are still alive and that would help for server charges (translate.fedilab.app/).

We received a notification from Google telling us that fees will be 15% instead of 30% when installing the app from Google Playstore.
We have to show that with our developers accounts we don't exceed 1M$...

Yes, through an API. It's an open-source translation engine using pretrained models. So there is zero tracking.
More at github.com/LibreTranslate/Libr

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