Does it crash? If no, could you enable write access

Are you a fdroid or Google user? When does it crash?
Could you send the crash report by activating the option in settings, that will help. Thank you.

We fixed an issue for notifications when they were not pushed. It's not yet published.

We currently use the thumbnails in timelines. But, for sure, blurhash supported by Mastodon would be another step forward.
More: github.com/woltapp/blurhash

It's one of the goal. But for saving mobile data, we have to introduce the display media over WiFi only. That's the second step.

We are fully reworking the cache feature to avoid holes and make the app faster. It will be available for all timelines.

Reply to this by tagging your favorite #opensource developers and projects. We want to follow them here!

Recently, we talked about stickers. The idea was to find a way to cover our server charges.
We understand that the app is far from being perfect, especially for Friendica users.
We will postpone the stickers project.

No, that was just the quick fix. Now, it's on our end.

Could you clear the cache and immediately restart the app?

It should load last recent messages and jump to top.

Just tap a second time on the tab of the timeline..

Sure, but we need reports for that. We discovered that we don't receive all notifications when we are mentioned.
The best is to use our repo for submitting them.

I think it will be around 5 cm. Light one has a white background.

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