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That will fall back to recurrent notification fetches.
Push notifications work but it needs some extra work for the Fdroid version. It's described on our site.
@M @crossgolf_rebel

Open the main menu (left) and click on three vertical dots then icon and text sizes.
We will improve that feature too.

I explained it here.

Also, all categories can be displayed by default if people prefer that.

For your messages, you can set that default visibility when editing your profile. It's not yet implemented for reblogs.

Yes, first start only crashes when you have lists. It's not yet fixed.

OK. So just click on three vertical dots in notifications. Then check display all categories. That's done.

No, I suspect something wrong when evaluating the last message because it is only displayed for it.
When it happens again, could you describe the steps? Thanks

New beta of for starting the week (v9):

- Fix crashes with long press
- Emoji one support
- Spell checking bug
- Use in-app notifications when posting
- Tap on push notifications opens the notification timeline.

And new localizations thanks to translators.

No, because that would need a trick locally with too much side effects.

You want to create your own Art timeline with the ?
Really simple, just pin a tag timeline. Then long press the tab and ask for media only. Up to you to add more tags to fill your timelines.

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