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Pixelfed spoiler with Fedilab 

Bookmarks work perfectly. Comments are displayed. Much more is coming.

Last builds of failed on since we moved all our libs on framagit. We will investigate this issue.

Also, here is our Fdroid repo:

F-Droid repository:

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Tubelab has had a minor update!

You can now add multiple instances, and quickly get back to them via the instance picker menu item.

Download or update your version today... 馃檪

Version 2.37.1 of Fedilab Lite has hit the @fdroidorg repo!

Get your goodness in a smaller, simplified package... 馃じ

Fedilab Lite (Lite version of Fedilab - a multifunctional Android client to access the ) -

What we enabled for :

- Add photos to stories
- Display stories
- Remove media from stories
- Authentication with 2fa

What we will add:
- Disable comments on posts
- Tag accounts on posts
- Add a location
- Display comments on posts

All previous actions (like, boost comment, pagination, mute, block, etc.) have been moved to the new API.

is still a big work in progress because we are switching the API.
You will be able to connect with 2fa, have access to stories, have dedicated features such enable or not comments to your posts, tag accounts, add locations, display and add comments...

We are testing our Fdroid repo so that you can get our beta releases.

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We need the assistance of the community to help with some decision making!

So below, we have a multiple choice poll..

Thanks for taking the time to help developing Fedilab, and boosts are always appreciated 鈽猴笍

What do you mainly use Fedilab for?

We should work soon for improving UX. They made a hard work to improve the API. It's now up to us to bring that on

Using @peertube?

Then maybe checkout TubeLab!

It obviously works with your account, but you can now even login with your Mastodon or Pleroma account to like, share and comment

Available on @fdroidorg or the Playstore

TubeLab (App for all Peertube instances) -

We succeeded to connect a account using 2fa with .
It will also bring fixes for stories. We should be able to offer these enhancements in the next release.

We need the assistance of the community to help with some decision making!

So below, we have a multiple choice poll..

Thanks for taking the time to help developing Fedilab, and boosts are always appreciated 鈽猴笍

What do you mainly use Fedilab for?

The new version 2.37.1 of has been published on FDroid and Google Play.

It fixes crashes when uploading a media while photo editor was enabled and crashes with bookmarks.

It also adds the subscribe to followed accounts feature, with notifications about new posts.


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@dzwiedziu @apps

Yes it's a very common occurrence for folks to associate Mastodon as the Fediverse itself - I myself did this initially, and truth be told, it wasn't all that far from accurate.

Initially, GNU Social was one of the earliest implementations of a server platform heralding the beginning of the Fediverse - based on the OStatus protocol, then came ActivityPub and other server platforms, Mastodon actually doing the most for the Fediverse as far as it being accessable and pretty (with that really cool logo they have of the happy elephant).

Diaspora was an early Fediverse player with promise, but with it's own protocol so it is still rather overlooked and doesn't incorporate ActivityPub out of the box, instead relying upon its own federating protocol (But Friendica bridges that Gap, so I can actually do some stuff like interact with folks on Diaspora from within Fedilab... to some degree).

Most platforms initially tried to adopt the use of both OStatus and ActivityPub but both Mastodon and Pleroma have since dropped OStatus. I think otther platforms that don't have ActivityPub integration will soon start to lose their viability, as OStatus appears to be on it's way out and replaced, in large part, by ActivityPub.

Where I believe the biggest differences can be made, is in the support of "Fediverse" in general, by applications, rather than particular server platforms, and Fedilab goes a long way toward that goal.

Of course, supporting more platforms means more development as well as a larger APK, so there's that ;)

As far as development, however, contributions to the project can be made here and will certainly make a HUGE difference in the longevity, as well as keeping development aggressively active :)

They don't push this, as the folks on the Fedilab dev team are rather modest, but I do, so I recommend that we all give something, whatever we can, however much or little, because every little bit helps, and in the end, if benefits us "the users", most of all.

Developing #Fedilab has been mostly a labor of love and for the #Fediverse itself, and they've had to brave some pretty sickening haters due to their stance on keeping free software free (as in Libre), as things have turned out pretty much as they are supposed to with the users themselves and the server admins deciding for themselves what kind of view into the Fediverse they want, and that's where those choices need to be made, not in applications that cripple the freedoms that even those we most oppose, and perhaps despise, should themselves enjoy.

Here's the link where we can all contribute to the continued development of Fedilab and the rest of the Fediverse suite of applications and services that they continue to improve:

Did you know that introduces bookmarks before Twitter and Mastodon did it?
We also introduced account notes before Mastodon, and also scheduled messages, etc.
Why? Simply because your feedback is the much important one and it's how the app keeps growing.
We will keep listening to your valuable feedback. And thank you for that!

Good news: Fedilab lite 2.37.0 should be available soon on F-Droid, as the changes are already merged.

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