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We are moving our server to a bigger one. You might encounter some down time today for fediplan, translation feature, and the cast service.

Thank you for your feedback on that poll.

We started to prioritize your needs, is for us a priority. Moving the API offers new features. Please, keep testing the beta releases, your feedback are really important.
Friendica will be also reworked for the app.
No software support will be removed with that poll.

In next releases, will no longer support torrent for releases until we solve the build issue.

⚠️ issue on

We use a lib for the torrent support that violates F-Droid inclusion policy. We included jar files directly from github repo without compiling them by ourselves.

We will remove temporary the torrent support on F-Droid, until we can compile that libs on our side.

Thank you to @fdroidorg for warning us. And sorry to Fdroid users.

Impacted versions will be disabled (we fully agree with that decision).

This version has also been submitted in the Google beta channel.

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2.38.0-beta-1 has been published (also the lite version) on our Fdroid repository.

We are finishing improvements for and we will try to publish a beta release today.
If you have issues for following accounts (), this will be fixed too.

For users, just use our custom repo, for Google users, you can join the beta channel in the app description.

Also, for reporting bugs, don't hesitate to opt-in to bug reports (from settings).

Good Morning!

Last night I released v0.10.10 which includes many improvements including #my2020!

Pixelfed spoiler with Fedilab 

Bookmarks work perfectly. Comments are displayed. Much more is coming.

Last builds of failed on since we moved all our libs on framagit. We will investigate this issue.

Also, here is our Fdroid repo:

F-Droid repository:

Tubelab has had a minor update!

You can now add multiple instances, and quickly get back to them via the instance picker menu item.

Download or update your version today... 🙂

Version 2.37.1 of Fedilab Lite has hit the @fdroidorg repo!

Get your goodness in a smaller, simplified package... 🤸

Fedilab Lite (Lite version of Fedilab - a multifunctional Android client to access the ) -

What we enabled for :

- Add photos to stories
- Display stories
- Remove media from stories
- Authentication with 2fa

What we will add:
- Disable comments on posts
- Tag accounts on posts
- Add a location
- Display comments on posts

All previous actions (like, boost comment, pagination, mute, block, etc.) have been moved to the new API.

is still a big work in progress because we are switching the API.
You will be able to connect with 2fa, have access to stories, have dedicated features such enable or not comments to your posts, tag accounts, add locations, display and add comments...

We are testing our Fdroid repo so that you can get our beta releases.

We need the assistance of the community to help with some decision making!

So below, we have a multiple choice poll..

Thanks for taking the time to help developing Fedilab, and boosts are always appreciated ☺️

What do you mainly use Fedilab for?

We should work soon for improving UX. They made a hard work to improve the API. It's now up to us to bring that on

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