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Yesterday we published the source code of the on

For people that would like to test, we also compiled that apk:

PS: the app currently uses a different ID, that will allow you to keep both versions of the app.

To advanced users, we should be able to publish the source code of the tomorrow on .
That will be done through

There are still some issues, but we know that you will help 👍

We wrote an article long ago.
But, we can build them too and give the download links, if it helps.

It seems we are going to host our project on . Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

The source code for the should be released on:

The source code for the should be released on:

In coming days, we will release the source code of the .
We will then compile a version on our repository for non dev people.

We have just released a fully FOSS library that allows you to receive notifications using FCM !

This library follows @fdroidorg rules. It means you can now easily have notifications and be published on #FDroid !


And thank you to our two other contributors (@angrytux and @JotaSeth).
You will be able to preview themes inside the app and apply them with a simple tap.

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I really like that new theme (I personally use it with the new app). But we didn't expect that the theming feature would take so much time with Material design. We are sorry for that.

Our goal is to offer a first release at the end of the month.

Theme from @AntoineD available inside the new Fedilab app.

Contributor themes will be available in . You will be able to preview them. So don't hesitate to share your themes, we will add them. Thank you.

If you built your custom theme with and want it to be included inside the , just ping us. Thank you.

First release of is close to its 5 years old. Thank you for your support.

Create an account on is a brake for you for contributing to ? (code /bug reports)

To advanced users that do like and are not scared about bugs, we will need your help soon.
We will be more active on our matrix room for details.
Admin feature is not available yet, but it will be fully reworked and we will add new features available on Mastodon 3.5.

Thanks for helping.

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