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We added a way to change the font scale. By default, it's now 110%, so it should be easier for reading :)

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Good Morning!

Wow, over 200 people have joined the directory since it launched a day ago 馃コ #fediverseInfo #fedi22

Interesting, for someone suggested to add . An alternative front-end to
We will add it and update UntrackMe app.


Cross-account actions is fully working with the .
Also, we fixed some issues when following other instances.
We should release a new version tomorrow.

Testing the with , client id is detected but it seems to fail in the auth process. The login page doesn't return a code to generate the token.
We will be in touch with Friendica devs to help us.

Mastodon is growing
You can follow remote instances with , the app takes care in background to federate accounts and messages when you interact.

For reducing our server charges we applied to That would help us.

If you want to support our work you can do it through our donation page at
That especially allows us to keep our server for translations and other services.
Thank you.

To be clearer, we don't talk about translating messages inside the app. For that, we use our custom neural translation machine (just tap on three dot at the bottom right of a toot and then translate). Be sure your privacy is respected.

More at:

For the translation of the what do you prefer?

We keep fixing bugs that you reported in our repository

We should publish a new release tomorrow that will solve most annoying of them.
tag is used to log reports on social networks. And we fixed several of them.

To users, we will do our best soon to offer the app.

The theming feature introduced edge effects depending of your android version.
We suggest you to ping our account with and please, mention your android version. We will follow that tag. Thank you.

Currently, the app covers all API endpoints. When it will be finalised, we will extend it to the API that offers more endpoints.
But the new app automatically detects some values from the server (chars limit, items per poll, max length, etc.).

Do you know that media attached?

Yes, is now 5 years old thanks to your support 馃檹

We are proud to offer our own machine translation that respects your privacy through

Thanks to your help, we have no doubts that the will match your expectations.

A big thank you for your help and for your support!

Thank you for your help on the . You started to report issues through

We logged your reports from fediverse here:

Don't hesitate to use tag when reporting an issue. Thank you.

If you find any bugs (we're sure you will) don't be shy, send them to us. You can either open an issue for it in Codeberg or just simply let us know here on Fediverse

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