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People using might have different needs.
Some of you like in app-features, others like privacy features, etc.
As we can satisfy everyone without bringing side effects, the only solution is to keep the ability of options in settings.
But, we need to introduce the concept of profiles, thus in one click, you will be able to change settings without taking time to set them.

More about the new cache feature on

Cache works for main timelines (home/local/public) and also for followed instances and tag timelines.
The idea, around 100 messages are kept for each of these timelines around your last read messages (first visible when you leave the timeline).

For the Home, cache is bigger. The app first fetches in cache. If no messages are returned with the pagination, it will fetch from server side.

The app automatically cleans the cache for old messages

A new version of is available (beta).
There are bug fixes and also it uses cache for improving the navigation between timelines.

Currently, what social network(s) do you use with ?

Who is waiting an update of ?

Should we removed decorations for threads?

We added a way to change the font scale. By default, it's now 110%, so it should be easier for reading :)

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Good Morning!

Wow, over 200 people have joined the directory since it launched a day ago 🥳 #fediverseInfo #fedi22

Interesting, for someone suggested to add . An alternative front-end to
We will add it and update UntrackMe app.


Cross-account actions is fully working with the .
Also, we fixed some issues when following other instances.
We should release a new version tomorrow.

Testing the with , client id is detected but it seems to fail in the auth process. The login page doesn't return a code to generate the token.
We will be in touch with Friendica devs to help us.

Mastodon is growing
You can follow remote instances with , the app takes care in background to federate accounts and messages when you interact.

For reducing our server charges we applied to That would help us.

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