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We are proud to have active users that share their feedback through messages (public or private), that report issues actively on . People helping us with translations on .
You all contribute to an app that will match your expectations. Thank you.

Another new version of the beta for (v19):

It mainly fixes issues. See:

Also, now when replying to a boost, it will add a mention to the account that boosted the message.

New beta version for (v18):

- Change color indicators for media descriptions
- Showing profile banner in sidebar
- Picture editor
- Indicator for pinned posts on profiles
- Fix: Threaded replies do not preserve mentions
- Boost/Fav icon highlighting regularly fails (Friendica)
- Fix crashes


We currently have an issue with our server. We are restarting it so that translations and other services will be available. Thank you for warning us.

Did you know that describing media is an important feature especially for visual impaired.
With , we added a red indicator on media when you forgot to add a description. It turns green when a description is added.

A new beta version of more focused to users having crashes when scrolling their timelines. Let us know if it helped. Thanks.

We are really close to a new release, we think it's time to take the turn and publish a version of the in beta on our official channels.
For that will be done through our repository and for Google users through our beta channel.
That step will need a transfer of data between two databases to make things easier and the most transparent for you.

To French people willing to help . That's done for us.

"Ce que vous pensez de Framasoft" : on a besoin de vous !

New beta version for (v16)

- Fix an authentication issue with Friendica & Pixelfed instances.
- Fix cross-account replies
- Fix an issue when deleting drafts
- Fix some crashes

We are going to release a new version of and (French version).
We removed the part that used the torrent support so that the release can be published.

More about that issue at:

Small update for the beta (v15).

We fixed the scrolling behavior and we brought back the old UI with the left margin. Also there are some bug fixes

Thanks to your reports, we found the bug with the authentication.
It only impacts fresh installations from beta-v13.
Please, uninstall that version and then download and install beta-v14.

A new beta version is available for (v13):

- Fix an issue with crash reports
- Add an about page
- Allow to truncate messages over x chars
- Issue when mentioning accounts
- Some craches with
- Spoiler issue with boosted messages
- Fix some pagination issues
- Crash fixes...

More at

In the next version of , if you are a moderator, think to request admin scope when login in.

Be sure it will work as expected in the new version.
We deeply improved reports for users and we also need to improve that feature for moderators.

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