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For people that are not aware. Fedilab uses its own translation api with
Though there is no tracking, the api will never receive sensitive data (mentions, tags, URLs, etc.) everything is obfuscated before.
For translating a message, just click on three horizontal dots at the bottom right and then "translate" (first option in menu).

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If yes, should we allow to translate media descriptions?

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Is the translation feature something important for you?

We didn't publish 3.0.11 for all because we changed the way to deal with messages to make things faster. We know that our beta testers will give their feedback so that you get a more stable release.

3.0.11 has been published on our repo.

- Composing messages is no longer forced to max chars

- Cross-account follows
- Cannot subscribe to notifications for an account
- Issues when sharing
- Wrong profile for emoji reactions in notifications
- Issue with cards
- Crashes with tabs
- Tabs cannot be renamed

and 1.15.0 are available on Google Play since today.

- TubeLab will avoid blank screens when the default instance is broken.
- TubeAcad now uses new academic instances.

Both versions also bring fixes.

With , you can easily create an art timeline. We mean a timeline dedicated to pictures matching your expectations.
You first have to search for a tag and pin it with the "+" button.
Then, by long pressing the tab, you can customize it. Magic comes when checking "media only". But up to you for adding more tags on your timelines and grows your timeline.

Upgrading from 2.x to 3.x involved a lot of changes.
3.0.10 is now more stable than 3.0.6 (version currently available on )
What do you think?

If you have doubts concerning a link, don't forget to long press it. That will display a dialog with several options. You can even check if it redirects.

3.0.10 has been published in all stores:

- Allow to set the max chars count when not detected by the app.
- Add emoji one picker when composing (must be enabled in settings)
- Add release notes with the ability to translate them

- Friendica custom emojis not displayed
- Long press to store media
- Some bug fixes

Tomorrow we should release 3.0.10 for
We fixed last reports from 3.0.9 concerning and
Friendica users will now see custom emojis in their timelines.
We also added a way to check release notes and to translate them.
We think we will reach a stable release for everyone with that version.
Thank you for all your reports, feedback and kind messages.

We really hope that you will like 3.0.9
It won't be perfect, but we worked on your bug reports and suggestions.
Don't hesitate to join us on for submitting bugs or enhancements.

3.0.9 has been published for all.

- Set compose language (from compose menu -> three vertical dots)
- Add reactions support for
- Add a privacy indicator at the top right of messages

- Improve the scrolling behavior
- Scroll to top will now fetch new messages and then scroll to top

- Empty tag timelines
- Remove focus point for fit media previews
- Fix cannot share with one account
- Fix black theme
- Theme cannot be selected
- Fix some button colors

3.0.8 has been published on our repo.

- We keep improving the scrolling behavior
- Scroll to top (tab reselect) will fetch new messages and then scroll to top
- Remove focus point for fit media previews
- Fix share with one account
- Fix black theme
- Fix some button colors

If you like and use , you can contribute to our server charges (we didn't find alternative yet, so we stopped our cancel action).

That will help to maintain:

- Translation feature (used with Fedilab) at

- Schedule messages at

- Fdroid repo

We stopped our hosting server payment. If you know a way to move our work on a service that supports open-source projects, please let us know. Thank you.
RT appreciated.

We would like to have the help of some people to trace (or any reports) and open issues on if it is not yet reported.
Just put the link to the message you found but it needs a small check to avoid duplicates.

Thanks for helping.

Show the world that you are now using #Codeberg, by adding a badge to your repo's README or website: 💙

We read your messages about the new . We are really sorry concerning that bad choice we made to publish it in production on .
We thought it was enough ready and maybe too excited to share it with you. Be sure we will do our best to fix that and all our apologies for that mistake.

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