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Before we release the new version of , don't hesitate to share your issues under this message.
Maybe some bugs have been already fixed. It can be also enhancements.
We will do our best. Thank you for sharing.

3.1.2 has been published on our repo.

If testers don't find major issues, we will publish that release for all.

More about fixes/improvements:

We published 3.1.1 on our repo. We will add more bug fixes before a global release.
- Export Settings

- Some Peertube videos not playing
- Respect the default visibility of accounts when replying
- Discriminate gif from images
- App crashes when opening an external instance timeline
- Remove button in thread composer crashes the app
- Back button opens a lot of old activities before closing the app
- Problems with sharing

It seems our changes with our server worked. Services are restarted if they are down.
That helps to keep our translation api available.

Thanks to your donations on we started to submit our server charges.
Today, we submitted two months of server charges.
Thanks to your help, we can keep running our opensource translation service and other services. Thank you 🙏

To users, have you tried ?
Don't hesitate to tell us more.

It seems we will have some work when coming back 🤔
Thanks for submitting :)

We put a fix on our server to avoid the down times. It seems to run fine since (24h ago) 🤞

Surely a federation issue because we will never block or mute accounts.

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⚠️ We noticed that we were mentioned in messages though we never got a notification (Fedilab or Web).
If we don't answer you, that might be the issue because, we always take the time to answer to your questions.

We hope you're spending nice holidays and it's not too hot for you.
If you have a little time, we will be happy to see your contribution to this poll. Thank you!

Have you tried to compose threads with ?

Our server is down again (the third time today). It seems we have serious issues with it currently. We will investigate, sorry for inconveniences.
Services impacted: repo, translations,

3.1.0 is available on (and Google).
For release notes, you should also check 3.0.11 release that has only been published in beta (our fdroid repo and Google beta channel).
You can check that release notes from main menu.

Our server was down. Thank you for warning us. Everything should be working now (especially the translation feature).

We are going to have a small break for few days. You should all soon get the 3.1.0 release.

We might stop reports by email because it becomes really hard to follow them:

- Too much reports coming from every releases
- Lot of same reports without a way to filter

We are really thankful for your help, but that takes a lot of time to deal with that reports.

The best way to help us to fix issues is to contribute on our repo at

Thank you!

If you use Android, you can find lots of Fediverse-related apps and other free open source software on @fdroidorg, an alternative to Google Play which emphasises privacy and ethical software.

Also, some apps which cost money on Google Play are free of charge on F-Droid, such as Fedilab @apps. (This is because the app devs encourage people to use F-Droid.)

Due to Google's anti-competition roadblocks, it's slightly tricky to install F-Droid, but once it's installed it's very easy to use. It looks and works very much like a normal app store.

If you are comfortable using an APK file you can get it from F-Droid's website at

For less technical people, there's a step-by-step beginner's guide to installing F-Droid at:

#Fediverse #Android #FediTips #FOSS #Libre #FLOSS #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #DeGoogle #GooglePlay #Alternatives #FDroid

Did you turn on alternative front-end to social networks in your privacy settings?

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