Did you know that you can update the tracking database for the built-in browser? It will automatically block background calls for tracking/ads scripts.

Did you disable the built-in browser?

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Thanks @mkljczk , @preciselyprivate for telling us we gave the French link to the 2.3 release news in our English announcement.

If you want to know more about #PeerTube 2.3 in English, here you go :

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Special thanks to @ButterflyOfFire for all his work on FOSS projects with localizations 👍
Thank you to all translators contributing to make them accessible in all countries 🙏

I just read the message of @Gargron asking which apps allow to register an account. Currently it's possible with and from .
I do hope @pixelfed will suggest it soon 🙂

I will improve the quick reply feature.
I added a message to my favorites when replying and my message was gone...
It might need some deeper work, but would you like to see the conversation when using the quick reply feature?

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We are really close to a new release, please, let me know there if there is something important for you to fix before

To users: Did you know that you can write your messages using markdown, HTML or BBCode formats with ? Just long press the submit button.

Peertube 🇨🇵 

La version peertube pour les instances académiques est disponible sur Google
Ne vous fiez pas à la mention "in app purchases" qui est apparemment obligatoire sur la pré-version publiée.
Vous pouvez l'utiliser sans avoir de compte, cela vous donnera une idée du fonctionnement.

Code source : framagit.org/tom79/fedilab-tub

La version est actuellement en attente de publication.

Fedilab lite will get all improvements with the next release.
This version only uses half of libraries available with Fedilab. Every privacy features are turned on, settings are minimized and it's only available on .

Maybe I don't say it often but thank you for sending me your bug reports!

Anonymous contributors that enabled and send to me crash reports, allow to track what's going wrong.

With your help, is more stable for everyone 👍

To users :

Would you like to have the translation feature with ?

Good news for and users. The next release of will fix the refresh token issue. You should no longer get the error "401 unauthenticated" when starting the app.

OK. I added a filter for Google and the app has been accepted.
Now, I have to extend it for everyone. But keep in mind that doesn't censor apps content. That's better to use apps from this store when available.

I also have to find the better way to re-use translations already provided with and the way to maintain them.


I was trying to publish the app on Google Play. I will give up because they refused it twice.
First time, I didn't add the report feature (that's now OK). Second time, they found a video thanks to the public search feature...
But it should be available soon on

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