1.11.0 will allow to customize URLs so that you can change some settings (theme, thin mode, language, volume, etc.).

You can also force to remove parameters. If you set a custom setting, it will be added if it was not in the URL, otherwise its value will be changed.

There are a lot of new strings to translate 🙃: crowdin.com/project/nitterizem (thanks)

More about invidious URL parameters: github.com/omarroth/invidious/

If you use the default display mode, you might have noticed that strange button in each message. It's a shortcut for in-app features:

- Bookmark the message (synced and available offline),
- Translation (with obfuscation for sensitive content, you can define your translation engine in settings),
- Timed mute the account,
- Schedule a boost,
- Mention the message.

To users, what are for you the most lacking features? I will implement them if it's possible. Thanks for contributing.

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Stripe is now officially available in five more European countries: #Czechia, #Romania, #Bulgaria, #Cyprus, and #Malta. stripe.com/blog/stripe-launche

If you live in one of those countries and you use Liberapay to receive donations, then you should go to your “Payment Processors” page and connect a Stripe account: liberapay.com/about/me/payment

If your country still isn't supported by #Stripe, you can preregister: stripe.com/global#signup-form

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If your instance uses CloudFlare, are you comfortable with that?

#cloudflare #privacy #poll

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Wow, I didn't know masto.host hosted that many instances!

According to fediverse.network, its the largest hosting provider in the fediverse!

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Today, we've unveiled our roadmap to #PeerTube's v3: live streaming, global search, better plugins, playlists and moderation: we will need your help!
▶️ info framablog.org/2020/05/26/our-p
▶️ share and support joinpeertube.org/roadmap

Maybe you already know that feature, but as a reminder, don't forget to long press buttons (fav, boost, follow, compose, reply, etc...) that will allow you to finish the action with another account without switching.

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One more thing

We are working closer than ever with mobile app developers

Mobile app support for Pixelfed is our top priority!

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I received it few days ago. I am really impressed by your work @TheForeignAgent, it's just beautiful! 👌

Thank you.

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If you want to have less options on the main menu, it's in your hands. Just turn them off in settings

The release candidate of 2.2.0 is available github.com/Chocobozzz/PeerTube

If you use with Peetube I would like your feedback for improvements.

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To be honest, I didn't work on the console mode since a while. That might need some improvements. But that was not a joke :)

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Recently, I wanted to find a nice gift for my mother. I remembered all nice leather objects that @TheForeignAgent was making.
So I asked him that I would like a leather wallet. I am impressed by his work showing how he is involved and loves this art. He will take you with him and he helps for customizations.
You can have a look to his work at pjs-leathercraft.ogre.st/categ

What display mode do you use with ?

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