If you use and get a message saying the app stopped after forwarding the intent, this is not a wanted behavior (the app should silently shutdown after doing its work). It's a bug in 1.1.0. Everything is fixed in 1.4.0 and should be available really soon on you can also already use that version at fedilab.app/wiki/nitterizeme/

That's really amazing how people are involved for translating projects. Thank you for your precious help 馃憤

Issue with videos is fixed and will be in the next release. Thanks for warning me.

It's published. You can also download the apk (1.4.0) here:

I attached the Exodus report.

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In the next release of , you will be able to pick up easily an instance. I also added a way to check latencies to help you choosing the best one.

If you want to add instances, just ping me it doesn't need app updates.

is no longer available on the PlayStore (that was fast)

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fedilab.app will be down for a moment. I moved the site from gitlab to framagit to avoid google stuffs.

I wonder if Google will publish . I just submitted the app. Of course Google doesn't like donation links and I have two.
So I changed their behavior a little 馃檮

I tagged the release 1.3.0 for , it should be available soon on .
I don't know if 1.2.0 will have the time to be published before 馃

Of course, when clicking open, it won't follow all these redirects. The app will open the final link that was gathered.

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Twitter shortens URLs that are already shortened 馃

Well, I added that supports.

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OK. That works. I clicked a shortened link from an email. The link is fetched without opening the real url.

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Hey, @fdroidorg Does making HEAD calls to extract the redirect URL (header reply only) from shortener services will introduce an antifeature?

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For , I can introduce a URL unshortener for most popular domains (bit.ly, t.co, goo.gl, etc.)
Being able to know where shortened links are trying to redirect you before visiting the site is something that could be useful?

Setting as the default app for catching links should be easier in the next release.

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