What next api Fedilab should support?

I am sorry. I introduced Twitter on the previous poll.
I didn't expect to see such results, that's why I restarted the poll to respect the previous one

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@fedilab I dont think you're going to be able to support all of hubzilla features without a complete app rewrite.

I can do custom views or features depending of the software. But that can take time for specific features that's true.

@fedilab Misskey has something called groups, drive for media and files, messenging feature, … a Riversi game ^-^, Pages, reactions … etc I don't know how to handle that easily on one app.

First, it will be to introduce a basic support. When I will be more familiar, I will go deeper in feature supports :)

@vesperto @fedilab Translating one api to another is very inexpensive though.
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