@fedilab By the way: When I try to add the pixelfed account while having the option "open with external browser" enabled, Firefox mobile shows the page asking to authorize Fedilab, but after clicking "Authorize", I'm left with a black screen than only has the heading "Fedilab".
Using the In-App browser option works, but that appears to be using Chrome, then. (Fedilab 2.25.0, FF mobile 68.2.1)

Ok. Thanks, I will check that with chrome. FF works with my version.

@rickscully @fedilab It means now you can use #fedilab to post pics to #pixelfed from your phone, since pixelfed had no proper "app" only web interface. This is HUGE!!!!

IMHO this should have been one of the main priorities, but it's here now:)

@rickscully @fedilab it means #pixelfed can be a full replacement for #instagram for mobile users

@LPS @fedilab This is excellent news. is there an explainer somewhere??!!

@LPS @fedilab oops. looks like I won't be able to use it as a iOS user.

@rickscully @fedilab which app are you using for Mastodon? Hopefully you can find a multi-user app that will allow you to connect to pixel.fed

It says on the appstore that Tootle supports multiple accounts, have no experience with it though


Unfortunately, the latest beta goes into a crash loop after trying to log in

@fedilab is it known that the API doesn't play nice if you have 2fa enabled?

But not for accounts with 2FA authentication enabled (for the moment) 😢

By the way, I tried to log into the pixelfed.social account before I knew it, Fedilab had a forced closure and erased all my accounts.

I had to import a copy of the data (mail with the error log sent 😉).

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