I published 2.26.0 in dev. If everything is OK, I will switch it in prod.

I added an item when long pressing URLs, you can now track the redirect (useful for shortened ones). It doesn't use an API.

In this release, you can also customize the user agent.

Hey how can I get on dev? Seems the version on fdroid hasn't been updated in a month

Oh weird maybe something wrong with f-droid. Updating f-droid and hopefully that fixes it

Regardless is there a way to get on dev? I want to test the latest pixelfed support

The beta channel is only run in Google. If you have an account let me know.

@fedilab How does the verification work? Does it run the link in background to obtain the real one?

It makes a HEAD call to the URL. Then I check the response code. If it is equal to 301, I extract the URL in the "location" param from the header reply.

So, the url behind the shortened one is never called.

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