2.26.1 has been published πŸŽ‰

What's new:
- A dedicated tab in settings for privacy
- Trending tags with charts for your instance
- Long press links to display a context menu (display full link, copy, share, open with an other app, unshorten the link)
- You can customize the user agent
- Fix quick replies for Pixelfed and Mastodon
- Some other fixes


Think I'm going to swap out fedilab lite for normal fedilab again
Its really cool and has a good default interface but you also cant change much in it. Settings fit on a single pane like tusky.

I think its good for people used to tusky but I miss the features of the main app.

With the main app, you can exactly get the same results that the lite version.
Just turn on compact mode in settings and restart the app.
Also, with the new Privacy tab, just turn on all options to get what the lite version does.

I've already uninstalled lite for normal but I am reasonably sure one of the omitted options was to only load media on wifi (or ask everytime) you should totally add that in. Its a big timesaver
@fedilab I never even knew and nitter redirects were built into Fedilab. Good stuff.
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