I have planned some improvements with Fedilab.

- I will replace the discover users feature (currently done via the Trunk API) with the profile discovery.

- History! I am on it.

- Huge improvements planned. Even the cross-account actions.
- Its custom layout/actions like for Peertube or Pixelfed.

@fedilab I think Trunk should be available as well. I find Trunk far more helpful than the Profile Directory, since I mostly want to follow people from other instances

@fedilab I'm really looking forward to the Friendica improvements! 😃

@bjoern @fedilab guess who else does! I guess in the next version (2020.3) we will have support for some Mastodon style API endpoints, which should enable Fedilab of providing even more functionality.

Cannot add a #pixelfed account if it is secured with 2FA. Please look into it. Thanks @Fedilab

I see... I couldn't find anything related to this in the issues section of the #pixelfed github repo. So thought it was with #fedilab. Waiting for a fix!

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