Interesting, Fedilab is number 6 in Google Play's Top Paid apps.

@fedilab congratulations!
@tija @fedilab GP is just distribution service. If there is a paid FOSS on the trending page, then it's good sign.
@a1batross @tija @fedilab Google Play is traversal, it's also a service that offers certain online (cloud) functionalities for your applications, so it's also software and, yeah, it's closed source and non-free. It also tracks you and data mine you by giving both Google and the devs statistics about what applications you use and how you use them...

@a1batross @tija
I stopped to take care of that fake ranking :)

@proxeus Google can't add their stuffs as I refuse to give them my key. And there is no tracking libraries or gapps inside.
You can check the code source, it works with a flavor that only adds a "rate the app" pop-pup :)

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@fedilab oh, ok then. :)

Also, yeah, even Google can't change the code of signed Android application. No one can, unless they have a your private key.

So, GPL isn't violated by releasing your app in GP. Absolutely!

And it's user's choice to use proprietary GP or free F-Droid. GPL doesn't forbid you to sell applications.
@tija @proxeus
@jeffcliff @fedilab @proxeus @tija you can check if APK has signed with developer's key or it's tampered by using utilities from JDK, for example, jarsigner.

@a1batross @proxeus @tija
They are clever though, they suggest to use their new way to decrease app sizes with their new bundle feature. They put a red warning each time I publish a release. It could be nice, but for that, I need to share my private key with them... So, it's over :)

@fedilab @proxeus @tija oh lol.

I wanted to use that feature, but I didn't knew they can ask for private key! It's completely subverts the idea of signing applications!

So, Google, fuck you. I won't use that.
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