Did you start to follow timelines of Twitter accounts via ?

Now that you all run the release that supports this feature.
If you changed Nitter host in settings, this feature will use your custom Nitter instance.

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Doesn't show twitter or nitter in my list. Maybe it's disabled in the fdroid version?

My bad, it's available in 2.27.1 but 2.28.0 should come really soon on Fdroid.

Great, I upgraded and it works. It's a bit slow to retrieve the timeline though. Is it possible to delete a created timeline? I created a nitter timeline without any user, so it's empty, maybe that shouldn't be possible. Thanks for your work!

Yes, just swipe right or left the item in reorder timelines.

lol 🙈 I did all but not left/right 😅
Thanks 👍🏻🍻

You have nothing to do. It's done automatically. By default, the app uses

when I scroll down a newly added feed, it will load the same posts over and over, instead of loading more, older, posts?

Well, I tried it. Could be a great feature but:
1. I have to split my Twitter subscriptions into several *uneditable* feeds. It's really tedious.
2. There are no threads which makes following some accounts pretty useless. Nitter supports threads, by the way.
3. I, personally, whould prefer to see posts from Nitter directly in my home feed. And of course, the list of Twitter accounts I follow should be editable.
Anyway, thanks for your work.

Try to change the default Nitter instance in settings.

Thanks. Do you mean the settings in the privacy tab? And should I put only the server name or with https:// ? Anyway I tried both and it doesn't work :(

Weird. I will investigate. Maybe there were changes that I missed.

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