Merci car j'ai enfin compris comment il fallait faire. ^^

Par contre il y'a moyen de modifier les comptes à suivre ou il faut recréer la colonne à chaque fois ?

wie werden Timelines bearbeitet ?
how to edit a timeline?

I will work on it for Nitter timelines in the next release (add/remove accounts + rename the timeline).

Will this feature be available for fedilab lite? And if by when?

No planned yet. I will use flavors for managing Fedilab lite. That will be easier to maintain both releases.

@fedilab would love more seamless display of embedded media, and also a boost button that makes nicely formatted boosts 💕

@fedilab for example if you look at "failedevolution" the top tweet is a retweet of Edward Snowden - in the Nitter tab it's just a link to twitter, which has absolutely horrible UX - would be lovely to see retweet content (or at least text) directly in the Nitter tab

Merci 👍 @fedilab, it's works !
But how can I remove such extra Timeline ?
In an easy way,
I only see the possibility, to hide or und unhide timelines.

@Kelvino Eh, just found out: fedilab.app/wiki/features/twit

Now I need to find out how to *REMOVE* a timeline (accidentally added a Nitter timeline without accounts in), or how to edit it (add/remove birdies)…

Oops, forgot to send the toot 🙈

In the same menu (Reorder timelines) where you added a Nitter account, you just need swipe the unwanted account away.

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