If you want to write messages with more than 500 characters and your instance doesn't allow it, there is a feature on for that.

Your message will be split in replies and mentions will be automatically added in each reply.


This feature is great!
I can't wait for that update! 😁

OMG! I'm using fedilab 2.28.1 and the feature is already there!
Thank you @fedilab

It'd be good if fedilab offers to split toots when a toot exceeds 500 characters as a popup with an option to choose it as default for better discovery of the feature.

I just need to enable this feature by default.

That'd be awesome. Currently it feels like the toot vanishing to thin air with no easy option to get it back (though its kept in drafts @kannan had to tell me about auto drafts option).

while it's handy, I usually still found myself fiddling too much with it to get the cut off points where I wanted them, that I turned it off again and just go at it manually.

Interesting, maybe a way to manually move the cut off points between possible values.

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