Do you find the app slow since few updates? I might rollback the way to handle get calls.


Is it possible to let fedilab load all toots since I last opened the app?
Currently it only loads 20 at the time and I have to press "Load more" 1-20 times in order to catch up

Just long press the button to load them all at once.

It's slower since an old update. Haven't bothered with the new update yet...

The only thing that's bugging me is the startup time. When I open Fedilab I get a white screen, then Toots get loaded and displayed. Unfortunately this seems to depend on my network speed (and not a caching issue?).

@fedilab It's especially slow on startup and when switching between accounts/tabs.

And I don't mean fetching new toots. It actually takes longer to load the cached ones than to fetch new ones.

I concur. Initial load of (what I assume are cached) toots can be very slow.
I'd open the app and am presented with a blank list and a spinner before the toots from previous time using it will show up.
This not only happens on a fresh load, but can also happen when switch back and forth between apps, or even when returning from a conversation view.

Could you clear cached toots from your home timeline and confirm restarts are faster?

@fedilab @FiXato
cleared 214MB
App startup is not much different, but switching between apps and tabs is much much faster. Thanks.

I don't have many revisions to compare to, but I find loading the pieces of the timeline quite slow.

@fedilab I think refreshing stuff is much slower since a while, but I don't know... Could be something different...

I have to admit I regularly clear what I call cache but not Android (that call it Data) with a shell by enabling root rights on my phone. I especially remove a file linked to webview, but dont remember its name.

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