Fedilab might be slower for displaying toots because of some filters that are applied.
These filters are for example :
- Replace Twitter and YouTube with Nitter and Invidious.
- Make Twitter accounts clickable
- Regex / Words filtering
- UTM parameters removing
- Truncate urls
- Timed mute
- Play embedded videos
- Detect Peertube links
- Etc.

So, should I introduce a way to turn off all this filtering?

@fedilab might be interesting to have it as a option, definetely

Yes, but it takes time. If this poll confirms it's needed. I will add it at the top of the to-do list.


Why don't you relaunch Lite without these settings?

I was wrong on the way to deal with it. I should have used flavors.
It started to be hard for maintaining this version.

@fedilab I don't think it's a top priority but if you have time to work on it why not.
Is it possible to pass some time on optimisation instead? You could maybe speed up the thing.

I'm pretty sure most of these things actually should be server-side. What about feature request to Mastodon maintainers? Just a thought.

Yup, did not think anwering yes would make it a top priority: it definitely isn't to me!

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