From 01/17 to  01/24 will be fully free on the Playstore.

The idea is to attract some people to the Fediverse. During this time, don't forget that you can invite people by using the app. There is an easy step by step to create an account with it.

There are two remaining days, but that is great to see all that downloads.

I will still work on fixes (auto drafts when no network for quick replies).
If you find a bug, please, keep mentioning me if you want to see it fixed ;)

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@fedilab That's great, thank you very much! Let's get some people on board!

Is 'Send an invitation' something that only works when using mastodon? My Pleroma instance allows sign ups and I don't have the option.

C'est pour ça que le prix est barré ! Moi qui m'apprêtais à payer :rainbowdance:

thanks, that should make updating easier as I don't need to remember to open up #FDroid, nor need to wait for the update to become available there.

@fedilab I was a bit surprised tbh that using export/import data didn't also copy over my settings and theme. I guess then it only contains the account data?

Also, the location of exported files seems a bit inconsistent; the data export was in the root, while the themes are stored in Downloads? IMHO 'Downloads' is the better location of the two.

Finally, is there a reason why the 'import theme' option is not available when 'use custom theme' is enabled?

what links should I additionally share with my friends so they get an eggsplanation on what #FediVerse is? bc I'm 99.99% sure they don't know what is that

Yeah. Pretty nice.

I bought it a two weeks ago in Play Store although I normally use FDroid.
And my wife is happy to get this great piece of software for free. 😊

Thank you for all the work you put into it.

I get many error notifications at the bottom of the screen starting with 500 or 404 and "ein Fehler ist aufgetreten" (an error has happened), mostly with my account. Also my home timeline is empty there and doesn't show the single post I've made using #Fedilab.

Wrt. the errors, is there a way to get more details? What do I need to do to provide helpful bug reports?

Could you try to login/logout from your pixelfed account and tell me if these errors disappeared? Thanks.

I did so. Still my home timeline is empty and trying to search for anything gives a 404.

404 because the used endpoint is not available for searching.
Strange part is this empty home timeline.

Is the missing endpoint a general #pixelfeed limitation, you just haven't implemented it yet, or is something wrong with that instance?

Wrt. the empty home timeline: after posting from #Fedilab it showed up there. But at some point in time it stopped.

For searches, I need to switch from api v2 to api v1 endpoint with Pixelfed.

>Wrt. the empty home timeline: after posting from it showed up there. But at some point in time it stopped.

Ok. That helps. Thanks.

I'm giving fediverse a try. Like it up to now.

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