Ability to translate bio?

I will add a feature to support long press for opening the contextual menu. That should easily cover some improvements.

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@fedilab im on subway tooter now and the only thing i'd like to have is the ability to copy bio. so far as i know, neither subway, twidere, nor tusky or its variants do this, last i tried them anyway
@fedilab oh never mind, subway lets me copy bio. neat

Yes, I can enable long press to open the default context menu.

@fedilab ability to translate posts? I'd love that. Lot of times I check out an instance only to find most posts are in a language I don't understand. It would be really cool to get my feed in my preferred language :)
This would also help in discovering people.

Also, any plans for making the translation automatic? Like, instead of translating each post, can we just get the translated text in our feed directly?

@fedilab I'd rather be able to *select* the bio text. That would open up a lot more options than just translating it with my preferred translation service.

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