As Fedilab is free for few days, the Google Play version has been analysed by @exodus

Yes, there is no trackers. But it's important to make some tests from time to time.

For some reason google play warns me thar exodus can "collect data that can be used to track me" when I try to install it. Despite the blatant irony of google being concerned with tracking, should I consider this a red flag for exodus?

A false positive that is thrown for the Fdroid release only.
The dev already asked to unlist the app.

@CTengeris That bullshit warning is issued for many apps that are not downloaded from google play. Exodus is way more trustworthy than google… They don't make any cent from tracking/(online) advertising (It's not even for-profit at all), as opposed to google.


@fedilab nice! I don't have any apps installed from google play though so it didn't do anything, but it's nice to know to recommend to google play users

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