This morning I quickly built an Android app that allows to handle Twitter and YouTube links[1] to transform them into and links. Then it delegates the action to another app of your device.

It's open source.


The app is ready to be published on but I will proceed to more tests. You can use the debug apk.

[1] - Links in all other apps (mailbox, text message, from browser, etc.)

Great! I've been waiting for an app like this for quite a while.

Excellent. That will save a lot of efforts. Trying to change links manually was a lot of pain. Definitely try it out.

@fedilab couldn't try it, because my phone is stuck at Android 6.

It supports api 15, that means Android 4.0
I think the problem is elsewhere?

@fedilab hmm, OK. Got a few apps that didn't work on my phone. Always thought it would be the kinda old Android version. Could of course be some messed up conf with magisk+nanidroid...

I was not aware. I will check that and my pleasure to add it if possible. Thanks for sharing.

There's also Invidition, an add-on for Firefox that does the same in the browser, works on Firefox Android too.

@fedilab need app to transform it back. yesterday invidious server was just down. And it works very bad in my browser when youtube is ok.
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