I received a text message with a Google maps link. So, I added an option in that transforms them into links

@fedilab you could just rename it as FreeMe at this point...

Well done!!!

@fedilab That's a problem I very often have. I sometimes want to use Google Maps (with location disabled) to search for restaurants (because alternatives like Yelp often lack). And then I want to use OsmAnd to navigate to the restaurant I found.
So this seems like a super hard problem. Sometimes I try memorizing the address and typing it. Or I just memorize where it is and go to it. Or I long-press some void nearby the place and copy-pase the geo coordinates it generates.
All ugly hacks.

I will wait feedback before improving that feature. But currently it forwards latitude, longitude and zoom.


Ach, wäre das klasse, wenn das auch mit M$-Windows ging, d.h.: Wenn man dies auf wunderbare Weise in Linux verwandeln könnte. 😎

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