If your timeline doesn't work on , you might want to use another instance listed here:

Currently, (used by default) is down.

It's for NitterizeMe but yes, I am really happy with contributions :)


I thought, if currently is down, can be translated in the time gladly also further ;)


i just asked tourists if they could help me to translate a few words or sentences and now NL is at 100%.

I then thanked them nicely and said "...the programmer will surely be pleased" ;)

Thank you! I couldn't find a list of alternative instances!


En fait j'ai toujours pas compris comment on nitterize les liens Mastodon dans Fedilab?

Dans les paramètres, sous l'onglet vie privée, tu as deux options qui permettent de remplacer automatiquement les liens Twitter en liens Nitter, et les liens YouTube en Invidious.
Par défaut, ça utilise les instances pour Nitter et pour Invidious. Mais tu peux définir tes propres instances.

@fedilab Maintainer of here. If you encounter any trouble with our #Nitter instance or need any information, feel free to poke me or @42l :)

Since official nitter instance ( was not working few times ago, I'm using yours and I find it very useful, thanks!
@fedilab @42l

@Neil @fedilab @42l
IIRC, I switched to yours few weeks ago (or maybe months now?)

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