Wow. I just met the bug when you wrote a long toot and the submit button remains disabled for a long time. I was hoping my toot was sent when the app told me everything was OK but it was not.... I hate Fedilab in such cases.
Just going to fix that asap.

@fedilab did fedilab just say it hates its own app sometimes.

I dont know how to react to this

@fedilab In that vein I have another thing that irks me: Image uploading. Fedilab uploads images in the background while the user is composing the toot, but does not show any indicator for that. Which means that a user on a slow, frequently interrupted connection (e.g. while travelling with Deutsche Bahn ^^) has to actively wait until the image shows up before being able to enter a image description or even checking whether the right images have been selected.

The upload progress is displayed in a top notification. You have to pull down it to watch its progress.

@fedilab Yes, I know. (Took me a few times of "share image with fedilab -> compose window opens -> 'where is my image???' -> close, try again with web or other app" until I figured that out.)

But what irks me is that I have to wait for the image to be uploaded to even check that I selected the right image.

Oh, that's because you don't use the image editor.

@fedilab I'm not sure what you mean with image editor ... I only see two separate compose dialogs for mastodon and pixelfed, but no matter which I use, the images start uploading as soon as I select them. With me needing to wait before they're uploaded to proceed any further with them.

@anathem The editor for media should be prompted by default unless you disabled it or use Fedilab lite. That's why I asked that question :)

@fedilab This especially becomes irksome when trying to post multiple images on pixelfed. When selecting multiple images from the gallery to share them via Fedilab on pixelfed, the first thing that I want to check is whether the images will be in the right order. (Also, I don't want them to be uploaded at this point already.)

... I might have encountered that one, or it might just have been my Pleroma account's instance playing up again?

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