I want to implement emoji reactions for . Does someone know if statuses embed them or it needs an extra call to the api? ?

Do you know an instance where I can test that? I am searching an instance running the dev branch. Thanks.

@fedilab my instance runs has emoji reacts if you'd like to test that.
@fedilab statuses embed emojis under pleroma object. Very easy to implement, the main problem is to show them in UI correctly. I didn't succeded here yet. :)

Oh and yeah, my instance runs on dev version as well.

I thought to display them in a horizontal scroll. Only most used reacts will be displayed the other ones will need a scroll.
Thanks, about info with statuses embedded them.

@fedilab I want to show them like Discord does. No scrolling, just togglebuttons. A lot of them.

Oh, with reacts embedded into status, you don't know who reacted. To know this, here is emoji_reactions_by endpoint. Sadly, it seems there is no way to ask server to specific reaction, endpoint just returns list. :(
@fedilab (lol I didn't noticed someone reacted to my post with N, I, G and A

Time to raise a banhammer I guess :blobfoxthinkowo: )
@fedilab I did emoji reactions in pleroma fe, statuses contain emoji reactions, but not the list of accounts in those reactions. to get the accounts you have to do the extra call. it's still enough to display counts per emoji and if you reacted or not

@fedilab please be advised that there will be small changes in the emoji reaction api in the next few days before it hits stable, but they aren’t very big, so if you want to implement something you can already start. you can use the instance to test. here’s the overview:

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