Does someone know how works with anonymous accounts?
Does it use "fake" accounts that somewhat work like a proxy for the end users?

It seems Aurora offers for free, updates of the paid app of Fedilab.
Initially, the paid app was done for downloading the release (and discover this store) and the paid app to support my work.
So they publish the Google Play release that doesn't have donation links (Google banned the free app for these links).
So I wonder how they proceed.

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@fedilab Yes. It uses fake Google accounts that need to be created manually.

OK. So they downloaded Fedilab when it was free for few days and now permanently offer it for free :(

Likely one of the users downloaded it for free using the anonymous account and now it's registered to the account. You might be able to ask the developer to have the account forget the purchase through Google Play - I think that's possible?

@fedilab I uninstalled Fedilab and check the version in Aurora is not the paid version Tom. When trying to buy,and Aurora makes a call to G Play App. (Image Aurora Store versin)

Is there an important difference between the paid Google Play app and the fdroid one or is it just the lack of a donation link?

@fedilab Question: Is it possible to publish the paid version on the Aurora Store, outside of google play?

I doubt it, since the Aurora Store app is just an unofficial frontend to the Google Play Store. It is not its own marketplace.

In fact, anonymous accounts on Aurora use a real Google account. So, if someone downloaded the app when it was free, everyone connected with these anonymous accounts will keep getting the paid app for free...

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