What should be kept in timelines?

1- ability to play videos in timelines.

2- Twitter accounts clickable. Twitter and YouTube to Nitter and invidious links. Peetube videos links in an embedded player.

3- Long press links to open the contextual menu.

4- html tags with media (img) automatically loaded in posts.

@fedilab I hate the infection of twitter links in Mastodon. I find them to be very annoying. Twitter can run it's own mastodon instance if it wants to be part of the fediverse. That's my 2 cents anyway. :D Thanks for the poll and thanks for the fabulous app!

@mnw @fedilab in pleroma you can ban words, so you could ban the URL of twitter....

You can also do it with the app. But maybe using the feature to transform Twitter links into Nitter links could also be a solution.

@loweel @fedilab I have done just that :D I filter it out so I don't see posts with twitter links in them.

@mnw @fedilab right, but if you filter this url right in the server, you can block the spread of links everywhere.

Did you consider adding Bibliogram to Invidious and Nitter? I discovered this service via NitterizeMe (available in Fdroid)

Yes, I am the dev of nitterizeme. I will add it to Fedilab too.

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