I often read that is a paid app. Yes, on Google Play. But you can still get it fully for free on
F-Droid will allow you to discover so many useful apps that do respect your privacy. Give it a try.

@fedilab I wouldn’t expect an app to be pay-for in one place and free in another.

But that might just be me.

OK. I understand. The source code of Fedilab is open source and so, accessible for everyone.
The Google play release allows to support my work. The free froid release might contribute to have some people discovering a new way to get apps that are open source.

@fedilab You app, your choice.

(I might personally disagree. But I do see your point.)

Google Play also disallows donate links, while a free app on F-Droid can ask for donations.


@allo @fedilab


(TBH, I consider this whole donation „business“ as tricky as well. IMHO it’s the developer’s job to decide whether an app is free or paid-for. But I am of course totally fine with people obviously disagreeing on this.)

same for #OSMand
the full version is paid app on GooglePlay.

I think this way is ok ;-)

I think gcompris used to have a free for linux and paid version for windows
@bikepunk @fedilab @sr_rolando


Also is a good idea pay a litlle quantity for an app and support the developer.

Is there a good way to support you without google getting 30%?

I have a donation page. But it's still imperfect as I use PayPal only.

Since you bring it up: why use only PayPal and not Liberapay? I would definitely make a donation if I could avoid PayPal (and I don't think I'm the only one) 😉

@jugoat @fedilab @incognitum Liberapay uses Stripe and PayPal.
All payment processors have fees.

@Decentralize_today @fedilab @incognitum @particl Probably because it needs money and it doesn't cost anything to provide the option?

@stevenroose @fedilab @incognitum @particl
You might be write but it cost nothing to post on Facebook and yet some people want privacy. Paypal is a 3rd party. The app is a privacy orientated app... I am almost sure if PayPal would be replaced by bitcoin privacy orientated people would donate.

Now, with liberapay, I added a stripe account that allows to avoid PayPal. I might ask someone about creating a bitcoint wallet too.
@stevenroose @incognitum @particl

@fedilab @stevenroose @incognitum @particl don't ask someone do it yourself .. You don't control the key you don't own bitcoin.. Check greenwallet on f-droid and in the morning I am the first who donate

@fedilab @Decentralize_today @incognitum @particl It's quite easy. You can make a Bitcoin wallet on your phone or so, f.e. using Blockstream Green (disclaimer: I work for Blockstream but not on the Green team), press receive and copy the address and put it on your website. (All wallets will let you copy a receive address.)

@fedilab @stevenroose @incognitum @particl get it and I really donate and write about your app on

I donate in the morning as I have a drink and a cigar.. It's my evening off

Agree with you. Houe it can help even a little, people to discover fdroid.

What app do you recommend to discover ?

Carnet, GitNex, Davx, tutanota, G-Droid, DNSFilter, NewPipe, conversations, etc.
The list might be quite long I guess :)

I already know and nearly use some of them, except davx

Have you tried Blokada? It is a auto ad blocker and has way more stars on github. As I use 1^4 mainly.

Sure i use it when I'm out. At home, my pihole does the job.

No PC ? A raspi is Vera cheap and can even be used as a "limited" pc

I understand.
How do you have internet ? I mean, what devices and modem do you use ? Do you go in an access point cafe ?

1.That's a 20th.
2.No modem, only router which costs same as setting up a pi blocker.
3.Devices are 5 to 4 year purchase so needs long saving.

@fedilab Yeah but only paranoid people use F-Droid 😆​
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