Did you know that you can long press every links with to get a contextual menu? That will help you to know the full URL, to check if it redirects and much more.

If you don't use Fedilab, just install on to remove tracking parameters. The app will also redirect YouTube, Twitter and Instagram links to their most respectful front-ends , and .

@fedilab did you know Fedilab crashes when you long press the password field when logging in? 😏

I haven't checked the username field. When I've done that I'll make a proper bug report :blobthinkingeyes:

@fedilab yep, now I could log into my account on my tablet (because I've a password I can't *just* type over, too cumbersome 😄)

@RyuKurisu @fedilab If you use Lockwise(Firefox) then you keep holding then in the menu select fill the login.

@Tepec @fedilab Bitwarden could also do it, but long pressing the password field crashed the app.


Tiens au fait tu as une version de Fedialb pour UBports ?
Ou ce serait compliqué à porter ?

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