@fedilab Installed :)

Just FYI, an update on two issues I reported:

I still have the (minor) animated avatar issue described in mastodon.social/@aaribaud/1039

I also still see the "sensitive media disappearing when clicked" issue described in mastodon.social/@aaribaud/1041

Let me know if you need any help. I am not an app developer but a developer at large, so I can experiment if you provide some guidance on how to set up the dev/debug environment.

@fedilab Starting with the obvious: I can clone the Fedilab code and try and rebuild 2.35.2 (of course not bit-identical, but that's not the point).

What tools and libraries do I need for this apart from git? If there's any need, I can use a (local) VM with any Linux-based OS if that makes it easier.

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