Initially, I really thought that 2.35.3 would be a small fix release. But here are current fixes:

- An issue with animated avatars in menu
- An issue with avatars in accounts list
- An issue with instance
- An issue with sensitive media when there is already a card preview
- Crashes with polls on some instances
- Crashes with Pixelfed
- Some other issues.

Thanks for your reports.

And it's released! It should be available very soon on Google Play, and in few days for

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Finally already available on Google Play, that was fast.

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> - Crashes with Pixelfed

Meaning, I finally will be able to register my Fedilab with my PixelFed acc? That would be great!

You should already able to do so. The fix concerns an issue when checking media type.

No, I can't. I get an "Unknown Protocol" error from PixelFed.


Maybe I'm doing something wrong:

- I add an account in Fedilab, instance
- I log in to (in the browser)
- I get the "Authorize Fedilab" page, on which I tap on "Authorize".
- And I get: "Unknown Protocol".

@fedilab Nope. Firefox Focus (called FF Klar in Germany)

In the login page, open the menu (three vertical dots) uncheck custom tabs. If they are not checked (check and uncheck). Then try again.

@fedilab For some reason the (F-Droid) debug APK install starts (I temporarily give the file manager the right to install APKs) but fails to complete on my devices. Anything special I should do?

Do you have another version of the app installed? The fdroid debug apk is different from the fdroid version due to the key used for signing it (F-Droid uses its own key).

@fedilab If using the debug APK, is it useful to share the LeakCanary dumps with you and if so, what is the cleanest/simplest process?

No, it should not be there. I *again* forgot to disable it 🙄

@fedilab Also, I can confirm that both bugs I had reported are fixed in 2.35.3 :)


auf das warte ich noch in fdroid. is sicher das wo es die avatare wieder anzeigt

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