Curious, what do you think about recent news concerning ?

@fedilab I tried keybase before just for fun but I felt it being privacy invasive so got rid of it

I am keeping my account. I don't see any issues with having an account. I will be removing all of my files from their shared file system and cashing out my xlm. I also will not recommend keybase to new users especially since it seems like @matrix got it figured out.

I deleted my account and I donated the rest of my stellar coins to the tails project.

@fedilab I had an account but didn't use , in fact my key is expired like 2 or 3 years ago , but I have removed it.

@fedilab I don't use it anymore but I did try it out. I got free Stellar Lumen Crypto for free by having an account. I got off cause I don't know anyone that used it and I got hit on by this creepy dude. I was considering maybe registering in the distant future but not anymore.

@fedilab I'll see how things play out before deleting my account.

@fedilab 😤 I put off using it for so long only to start using it and have to delete it shortly after...

Any good alternatives out there? They'd built a cool little suite...

I was looking forward to using it, but I guess it's good it happened before I got too invested...

"I was looking forward to using it" you and the rest of us I guess. Seems like they never delivered enough concrete value to be viable.

@samtuke @fedilab only a matter of time now before they decide that "pivoting will be the best way forward for them"

Sigh, trying to sell XLM as the price tumbles and the exchanges delay new account verification citing corona


ich war nie bei keybase aber wäre ich da ich hätte mich dort gelöscht

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