Due to recent events, I forgot the 3 years old of . My bad.
The app grew up thanks to all your suggestions πŸ‘

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@fedilab Wow, three years anniversary? Awesome. Congrats.

Thanks for all you've been doing during these 3 years 😊

You've done an absolutely stellar job. Congratulations!

Congrats! How about doing a Linux version to run on #UbuntuTouch? πŸ˜„

J/K, I understand it's already a mountain of work to develop for Android. Still, a Linux mobile version of Fedilab would be awesome. I miss it!

I keep going to the side menu to return to the time line. Maybe you could add a button for that?
I have to remember to use the back button. It works though, but the routing doesn't make sense to me

I remember an issue was addressed to improve the navigation. I will try to work on it.

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