What display mode do you use with ?

To be honest, I didn't work on the console mode since a while. That might need some improvements. But that was not a joke :)

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There are different display modes?

What you don't know, if you don't spend more time with an app than to use it from time to time. 😁

Goes into settings and discovers there's actually a console mode

@faxmodem @fedilab console mode colors all usernames: would it be possible to only color non alphanumeric characters likeb@ < > ? Also what is the meaning of ~ is it unlisted? Where is that explained?

Yes ideas are welcome. I was young when I did it.
I will improve that. Also I will allow some customizations.

I just discovered and tried the display modes.

it's nice !

I actually prefer compact now that I know it exists 🙂

I would like a combination of the normal mode and the console mode😊 in other words console mode with avatars🙂

This interface is an entertainment to make brains work harder for recognizing who wrote/shared a message :)

For me the compact mode isn't really more compact (as in "more info on the same area"), and doesn't look as clear as the normal mode.

Also, maybe add dividers between posts?

Changing the mode doesn't change anything here :-(

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