Wow I'm glad you like it, I've always been torn between Tusky and Fedilab, thank you for your great work ❤

I don't want to leave Fedilab for another app 🙄

@fedilab @PixelDroid will it support 2fa on mobile???

this is why I do not use on Fedilab; only works if disabling 2fa on my pixelfed account (and works amazingly on Fedilab), but disabled 2fa is out of question for me :/

@mdkcore @fedilab I will look into it. It might already, depending on how it's implemented on Pixelfed's side

@PixelDroid @fedilab uhm on pixelfed.social still not working :(

but many thanks!

I think it's more related to the work in progress with the api. I know @dansup is aware and maybe I missed recent events.

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