If you want to have less options on the main menu, it's in your hands. Just turn them off in settings

@fedilab Google Play doesn't let you have a donation link, huh?

They unpublished the free version of Fedilab because of that.

@fedilab @resynth1943 Woah really? Google play doesn't allow donations? That's a big shame, I'm currently trying the F.droid version of your app. If I buy from the Gplay how much you will get?

They take around 30% and also they take tax fees. I never calculated exactly.

Understandable profanity 

@fedilab @richardotomislav Yeah, this is why Google are shits. Imagine stealing money from a FOSS developer...

@fedilab @richardotomislav It actually turns my stomach that they steal a portion of your DONATIONS, like wow.

high snark re: Understandable profanity 

@resynth1943 @fedilab @richardotomislav if they allowed free riders, that would endanger their ability to steal from all developers

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