To users, what are for you the most lacking features? I will implement them if it's possible. Thanks for contributing.

@fedilab hmm it's not "missing", but i do wish the field to describe the picture was easier to access.

Do you think that also deserves to be improved for Mastodon/Pleroma?

@fedilab i use pixelfed as a second account and get "401 message unauthenticated" when switching from my primary account. only readding the account helps for some time... as if some auth. token is expired and is never renewed?

Yes, pixelfed tokens expire and also the refresh tokens. It's a security feature. Currently the token is refreshed while the refresh token has not expired. Otherwise, you need to login again.

@fedilab so i have to use it more so it wont expire? or will the refresh token always expire?

@fedilab I had to turn off my 2fa on to get it working in Fedilab. Is that something that could be worked on?

The thing is, that I really don't know if it's a bug or feature of Pixelfed. I really really like to contribute and test, but I guess Pixelfed is just different.

For example: it annoys me, that I can't see comments below pictures, neither my own comment. Or notifications...I have no idea what picture they belong to. I can't follow people easily.

@fedilab I closed my account due to the lack of a usable mobile app. Browsing on the platform was great... For what could get to it.

Hi, I noticed a little problem with the PixelFed part of Fedilab:
When sharing a photo from the gallery on your phone with Fedilab and then selecting the account to post with, it's the mastodon's message editor that opens even when you select a pixelfed account (but the publication still works so it doesn't really matter)

Features that would be nice:
- it would be great, even for masto, to be able to send several pictures in a queue :3, it's annoying when the connection is slow to have to wait for the end of each picture upload and stay glued to your screen to be able to select the next picture ^^".

- Also it would be nice to be able to manage the order of the photos in the messages, rectify after the upload order.

By the way, I had a problem with PixelFed on Fedilab:
the order taken into consideration in the posts with several photos is not the one of sending but the chronological/anti-chronological (I forgot) order of the media in the gallery (I had to modify a photo to make it more recent and to be able to enforce the publishing order I wanted ><").

(It would also be good for masto, currently I have to delete the photo and repost it to change the order ><")

- ...And one last thing that comes to me but I don't know if you can do much about it :
pixelfed doesn't handle notifications very well, if it's not a big deal for favorites, for photo answers you can easily miss them (in fact, I have the impression that there's no notification for messages in pixelfed 😬).

The answers are all visible without exception via the theard display of fedilab (which is not always the case when consulting pixelfed by the site of the instance).
...As Fedilab accesses all the messages : it would be possible to notify all those with account mention? I understand that there are some limitations, what the API does not provide is difficult to invent, but you might as well :D

Note: if I think about all these little things it's because I've been using Fedilab for a while and there are only little things that can make the application even better :3

(Sorry for my english and thx DeepL ^^"... and you :3)

I need to check but even recently, the Api didn't allow to order media. Afaik mastodon doesn't allow it.
I didn't check for pixelfed cc @dansup

You can pick up several pictures at once. Currently this process (locked button) is done because you can't order them later. The first uploaded is the first displayed in the message.


- The possibility to access directly to the mobile's camera and then send the photo instantly!

- quick and easy access to stories

(And I don't know if it's a bug or not, but the # are not clickable for me...)

Tank you very much for your great work ! 👍 😍

One last thing : when you're on the timeline, in order to view a post in large, you have to press down very precisely on the date, would it be possible to access the posts by clicking anywhere on the post in question like in mastodon ?

It should already work like Mastodon. I will check.

Mmmh strange...
I am on instance.

Sorry, you're right. I don't remember why I forced to click on the date for pixelfed

- Yes that is possible.

- Stories are not fully covered with the Api afaik.

- Yes, currently I disabled tags search.

@fedilab is cross-/doubleposting an option?

writing a toot on a mastodon account and in addition forwarding the image automatically to pixelfed (by checkbox).

@fedilab I would use Fedilab if reading from below would work reliably
@fedilab In the setting of the timeline there is the point "Remember position within the timeline" that can be activated. This is to ensure that you continue reading at the point where you closed the app. But that doesn't always work, sometimes the timeline is reloaded and you jump back to the latest post.

Ah OK for friendica ? I opened an issue few weeks ago to get the pagination element that was missing. I didn't check if it was added. Otherwise, just disable the feature in settings (remember position)

@fedilab A dedicated one is much better. eg. It's like using a facebook wrapper to see youtuve video. :)

Not really, they have their custom layouts. Did you try?

I did they don't work unless you are logged in to each service.

It would be great if the reblog text color could be changed in the theming settings in addition to the color of the reblog header. When using a dark theme the contrast is too low for the reblog text to be legible (maybe the low contrast of my device is part of the problem).

Thanks for your great work!

Sorry I overlooked the #pixelfed - my comment was about Fedilab, not Pixelfed.

Yeah, what's the point of being able to post if you can't view it?
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