To users, what are for you the most lacking features? I will implement them if it's possible. Thanks for contributing.


- The possibility to access directly to the mobile's camera and then send the photo instantly!

- quick and easy access to stories

(And I don't know if it's a bug or not, but the # are not clickable for me...)

Tank you very much for your great work ! 👍 😍

One last thing : when you're on the timeline, in order to view a post in large, you have to press down very precisely on the date, would it be possible to access the posts by clicking anywhere on the post in question like in mastodon ?

It should already work like Mastodon. I will check.

Mmmh strange...
I am on instance.


Sorry, you're right. I don't remember why I forced to click on the date for pixelfed

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