My must-have #addons for Android #IceCat / #Fennec :

-… -- no more typing https in the URL bar
-… -- no more deleting 200 characters of garbage before you can post your link
-… (display name Invidious Redirect) -- no need to remember to open link in Klar just to get an idea what's inside without feeding the goog
-… -- same, don't get twitter all over your cookies, and the UI is better too, it's the roaring 2008 again, friends!
-… -- you can actually read the comments, and no nagging "yes I want it in the browser kthxbai" pop-under

@clacke unfortunately on the Mastodon side these links don't seem to be identified as URLs, at least not in #Fedilab (haven't checked nor the raw JSON):

Fortunately I can still access them from your original post on Libranet :)

An app you might want to look at is #UntrackMe (formwrly known as #NitterizeMe):

@FiXato @clacke links work in both web UI and Pinafore so it's not Mastodon problem, it's Fedilab

@charlag now that I am at my PC again, I was able to look at both what's WebUI shows and what the API returns, and it looks like you are right.

@fedilab do you have any idea why #Fedilab doesn't make all the anchors in @clacke's OP into clickable links?

(currently running 2.35.4 from the PlayStore)

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