Mastodon E2EE¹ with (for private messages)?

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@fedilab Is E2EE for private messages implemented in Mastodon itself or would it be a Fedilab-only feature?

From mastodon. API endpoints have been merged recently.

@fedilab Is this something that's supported on the back end as well? :eyes2:
Or is it a GPG keychain inplementation?

@fedilab I'm split. it could be usefull but if you pour a lot of javascript over it then i'm not okay with it

Implement it, when it does not hinder development of more important features.

If it's only for communications between two users you could use off the record messaging.

I just looked into the README and it seems to be a perfect fit.

I see that I'm in the minority so I will try to explain my point of view :
"Do one thing and do it right"
I'm not sure that a microbloging application needs a private messaging system.
It's "yet another messaging system" and it will always be inferior to real messaging apps.

So I'm not at all in favor of e2ee for the existing system, and I'm even in favor of removing the existing one.

What I would like is seamless integration with a real messaging system, like matrix (complicated)


I can relate with that. Would integration with XMPP (e.g.Conversations like clients) be that complex?

The thing is would that require a preexisting XMPP account? Or a XMPP account being created associated with mastoodon?

What do we want? E2EE!
When do we want it? -- BEGIN PGP BLOCK --


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