Do you think that working on the media viewer is necessary?
If yes, could you point out main issues or improvements that you would like to see?

Thanks. Keep suggesting ideas about improvements, I will do my best to add them.

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@fedilab When opening a big picture it’s a bit hard to zoom and navigate it. Each time I touch the screen to scroll it closes it.

@fedilab passing an rfid tag of a nearby tooter you can display his *jewels*


I'm sorry, but what's the media viewer ?
This is the screen that appears when you uploade an image and you can edit it?

No, I meant when displaying media in full screen after clicking them on a TL (pictures or videos)

Only my previous suggestion for making the alt text either selectable or copyable in full still stands for me. :)

As for writing alt texts while uploading media, I kinda wish the media wasn't faded, and was zoomable, so it was easier to transcribe the text from it.
OCR support would also be nice I guess?

Nice suggestion about the text copying. I myself don't really have improvements for the viewer (but the tap-to-zoom seems broken in the release I'm using, and I haven't checked for updates).

However the media uploader could be less convoluted. Because usually I only want to add "alt text" but that only seems possible after the "edit phase"? But that phase is pretty overwhelming tbh. Maybe look at how Google Photos or WhatsApp do it 🙂👍

Well, the media editor is optional; perhaps you want to disable it in settings if you usually don't use it?

The more you know, I'll change it. But that doesn't change my opinion that it is convoluted 😁

Pourquoi pas.
Mais surtout ce qui serait bien c'est que la lecture ne soit pas interrompu quand on like on qu'on partage.

I am saying no, but the issus i do have with it i might as well mention.

1. Downloading seems to be a bit unreliebal particulary with larger media it seems to fail a lit, tho i not enconter this in quite a while

2. When people add text to the image its hard to read it all as it dispears after a few secobds. Is it posibel to make this more of a toggle?

You can change how long the "alt text" is displayed.


Tu penses régler un jour la gestion de la connexion/déconnexion ?

Would be nice if the app auto load the highres picture without user tapping on "media has been loaded, tap to display".

This message is displayed if the media has been zoomed. Because it will reset the zoom.

Just a minor thing about video player: that would be great if the android controls (ie back, home and recent apps button) were hidden while we play the video, and you have to swipe to unhide them, like many apps using fullscreen mode.

It would be nice if the alt-text box for an image stays open until explicitly dismissed, rather than closing on a timer.

@fedilab I like speed control and Caption of peertube and youtube more accessible in media player.

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