I released 2.36.0-beta-1. What's new:

- Select text for media description
- Increase media description length to 1500 chars
- More details about accounts in notifications
- Media management in timelines
- Allow cross-account replies with followed instances
- Remove extra spaces at the bottom of messages
- Scheduled toots from server side have an incorrect date
- Incorrect feeds when checking instance admin account [...]

Full release notes:

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It's live on Google Play, I am waiting feedback of beta testers. Thanks 👍

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Does Fedilab impose it's morality on users and censor instances that don't align with the app ideology?

@AtlasFreeman @fedilab last I heard you can't log into gab from it not because of ideology but because gab operates a broken, nonstandard codebase

@leyonhjelm @fedilab

Makes sense. Nobody should be expected to accommodate incompetence.

@AtlasFreeman @fedilab I use Fedilab to occasionally delete all my notifications via mobile when the loads get silly but otherwise just use the web. The Pleroma FE doesn't have an obvious button for that.

I forget what that whole thing was about now exactly, but I do recall that I was (and am) using the 'wrong' app on android, which is fedilab, so I don't think so.

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