2.36.0 is available on Google Play and should be available soon on .

This version also fixes crashes on some instances after uploading a media.

The full release notes:

Thank you for all your bug reports, I postponed improvements for the next release.

@fedilab I am wondering why is it first available in Google Play than in F-Droid. Is it related to the way they work? ;?

And @fedilab of course, congratulations for the new version!! ;)

Honestly I never tried. What's the issue? I guess with long scheduling the GC will remove the media?

@fedilab @pixelfed

im using the @fdroidorg version of the app, and i would switch to #pixelfed to post an image under schedule.

i then add my picture and text, then choose a time to post, and then that's it, only it doesn't seam to show up in scheduled under my device or the other option

@Goldmaster @fedilab We do not support post scheduling yet, this is a bug on our side.

It will be added in a future release!

What is the TTL of a media not attached to any messages? I could use the scheduling from device, but I guess GC will delete these media quickly?

@fedilab One hour, we'll be removing that limit in a future release for Camera Roll.

I have just tried #Scheduling a photo for #pixelfed using
@fedilab but the scheduled posts don't show up on the device option, also is there an RSS feed for #pixelfed because I can use #ifttt to post to instagram as well.

@fedilab merci Thomas🖖
and what about fedilab lite ?
It seems, that is the same problem with image upload 🤔

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