Would you like a dedicated app for ?


To be clearer on what I suggest. I already built an app based on Fedilab code for Peertube only. This is completely different, you can watch videos without being authenticated.
If you are authenticated, many dedicated features are available (comments, thumbs-up/down, upload, edit videos, play lists, notifications, etc.)
More : framagit.org/tom79/fedilab-tub

It's currently in French and it targets dedicated instances. But if you think that it deserves an app for all instances I can extend the code :) let me know

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Ne serait-il pas plutôt plus judicieux d'améliorer la prise en charge de Peertube dans #Fedilab ?
Le résultat du vote est sans appel mais l'immense avantage de Fedilab est de pouvoir surfer dans tout le fediverse en une seule application !

@balder4 Les améliorations seront également ajoutées dans Fedilab.

Oh et bien dans ce cas, tu as tout mon soutien ! 😇

@fedilab Fedilab seems to lose authentication for my PeerTube server pretty frequently so I have to sign out and re-add the account.
My PeerTube server is video.autizmo.xyz and is just a vanilla PeerTube instance :02_shrug:

An issue with the refresh token. (the refresh token has a TTL of 2 weeks if I remember correctly). I will fix that. Working on that app helps me to fix issues with Fedilab.

Thank you so much for this wonderful software.


would love to see something NewPipe ish for non authenticated users. this would help towards getting more "normals" to dabble in peertube content and the creators that are trying to delete google.

If it can unauthenticated search all public on all instances, great towards having content found. Any blocks could be empowered at the user level in app?

Artists have been asking amongst ourselves how we find trying to improve and grow peertube use



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