So mastodon 3.2 (rc) introduces personal notes for accounts.
already has this feature and I will need to work for syncing your current notes with your instances.

I think I will offer a feature to disable syncing notes. Maybe some people might prefer to keep account notes on their device only. Especially it's possible to backup/forward data with

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Never noticed that there is a note option in Fedilab 🙄 awesome 👍

@fedilab What are account notes? I'm unfamiliar with this feature.

That's a feature available with the app for months but not available with instance features yet.
Currently data are stored locally on the device. It might be the most unknown feature.

@fedilab oh how cool. I typically use fedilab while out and about, but with quarantine I'm not really out or about as much. Thank you for sharing how-to.

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